Av and I used to have a…well…’pet’ possum.  Before one of the hurricanes took our peach tree, “Jeeves” would come almost every night in the spring and summer and feast on whatever fruit was to his liking.  At other times of the year, he would visit the backyard, snooping around for who knows what:

...and a Possum in a Peach Tree.

At one of our themed parties, we recognized Jeeves in cupcake (red velvet, of course!):
Possum Cupcakes

Back in April when we were on vacation, we drove through Wausau, Florida where they have erected a monument to the possum:

Possum Monument, Wausau FL

Possum Monument, Wausau, FL
“Erected in grateful recognition of the role the North American possum, a magnificent survivor of the marsupial family pre-dating the ages of the mastodon and the dinosaur, has played in furnishing both food and fur for the early settlers and their successors.  Their presence here has provided a source of nutritious and flavorful food in normal times of distress and critical need.

The 1982 session of the Florida Legislature further recognized the possum by passing a joint resolution proclaiming the first Saturday in August as Possum Day in the Great State of Florida.”
…and just a little while further down the road, in Chipley, we had to get a pic of us with the historic marker for kudzu, and my car with my (those of you who know me) appropriate-for-the-occasion tag.

Kudzu, Florida
Kudzu, brought to this country from Asia as an ornamental, was developed near here in the early part of the Twentieth Century and given to the world as a soil-saving, high-protein forage plant by Mr. and Mrs. C.E. Pleas. The fast-growing, deep-rooted leguminous vine has been widely grown in the United States as a drought-resisting, erosion-controlling plant that compares with alfalfa in pasture and hay-making values.

In the nearby cemetery are Mr. and Mrs. C.E. Pleas, with ‘Kudzu Pioneers’ on their shared monument, and each of them have a bit about their role in popularizing kudzu on each of their stones:
Kudzu, Florida
More about them here.

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