Decorated Homes

Well, for a long time I’ve had a thing for decorated houses.  Not like decorator’s showplace homes or that sort of thing, but, well, you know…

There’s Bette Mott’s gingerbread house in McComb:

Those hearts in her driveway are the best:

Bette Mott's House, Heart Driveway.  McComb, MS

Graceland Too in Holly Springs:
Graceland Too, Holly Springs MS

This house in B’ham:
Decorated Home Not Far From Finley Blvd, Bham AL

…I could go on forever.  This one we found in Clarksdale MS:
Blue House In Clarksdale

The tree in the front yard is painted with stripes:
Blue House In Clarksdale

Blue House In Clarksdale
The driveway reads:
“Mad About G-d
Treat Everbidy Right
Falling In Love With Jesus”

You know these are good people.  Only good people would write a hopeful message of their beliefs on a driveway.

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