Rockmart, Soldier, & Catfish Birthday

Last month for Av’s birthday, we knew we wanted to wind up in Cragford, Alabama for Av’s birthday supper at Red’s Catfish, so we went the *really-really* roundabout way and went through Rockmart, Georgia.  It’s a town that was founded around a quarry and rock market, so many of the buildings have this great look by virtue of being made out of local slate and brick:

Right next door to the main sanctuary of First Baptist:

Rockmart First Baptist Church (part of the church), Rockmart GA

Church of Christ:

Rockmart Church of Christ


Rockmart Presbyterian Church

The Post Office has a Section (done during WPA projects) oil by Reuben Gambrell entitled “Kiln Room, Cement Plant”:

Downtown is the really great 1941 West Theatre:

West Theatre, Rockmart GA

West Theatre, Rockmart GA

A little out of town is the historic 1846 (or so) Van Wert Methodist Church:

Van Wert Methodist Church, near Rockmart GA

The church looked like this (scroll halfway down) in 2005 and like this in the 1920s.

Van Wert Methodist Church, near Rockmart GA


Nearby Cedartown is the hometown of Sterling Holloway, which I only mention because if you close your eyes and think of Winnie the Pooh’s voice…that’s Sterling Holloway’s voice.

On our way back through for supper, we stopped at — I know it sounds so strange to say this but — one of my favorite cemetery monuments.  It’s the B.O. Dawkins monument close to Cragford:

B.O. Dawkins Monument, Around Cragford AL

He was 24 and died in 1918 during WWI.  A Private in Company E of the 306th Engineers.

B.O. Dawkins Monument, Around Cragford AL

On the backside:

B.O. Dawkins Monument, Around Cragford AL

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