Fried Matzah Balls And Baby Bites

For whatever crazy reason, I didn’t post two new recipes I came up with over Passover.

But they were a.) fun! and b.) delish!

And now the world knows: fried matzah balls are crazy-good.  And Passover ‘baby bites’ are crazy-crazy-good.

There’s not even a recipe, really for either!  For the fried matzah balls, just make the matzah balls like regular — you can either use the box or your own recipe, then after the usual 15-minute wait in the fridge for it to come together, take a small ice-cream scoop (I think the one I use is about 2 tbsp size):

Fried Matzah Balls

Fry them in vegetable oil at 375* until golden brown:

Fried Matzah Balls

…and they turn out so yummy and almost like hushpuppies!  The next time I make these I may put a lot more herbs inside, like thyme…

Fried Matzah Balls

The other thing I made during Passover was from just a regular Manischewitz cake box.  Now, I almost never-ever-ever cook from a box or a can during any other part of the year, but during Passover, wellllll…

My friend Leslie loves these little Passover cakes.  And Av has from time-to-time had these serve as his birthday cake depending on when Passover falls.  And we all love little cake pieces called “baby bites”.

So!  I prepared the box according to directions (pic 1), then crumbled it up in a large bowl (pic 2), prepared the icing mix to directions then added 1/4 c. butter and 1/2 c. chocolate chips & let that get all melted together carefully in the microwave — then put that in the bowl with the cake and mixed, then (pic 4) used a very small ice-cream scoop and put the little rounds on a parchment paper lined cookie sheet:

Put the cookie sheet in the freezer for about thirty minutes:

Chocolate Baby Bites

When you’re ready to finish these, just make a simple-simple chocolate icing by combining butter and more chocolate chips in the microwave (watch & mix a lot so they don’t burn).  Basically you’re going to need about two tbsp butter for every handful of chocolate chips.  This is one of those recipes that you really don’t need a recipe for.  Once you get started, you’ll see exactly how much you need to make and that’s one of the fun things about it.  Dunk the top of each piece of cake in the chocolate, then put back on the parchment paper.  I like keeping these in the refrigerator.

Chocolate Baby Bites

…and once they’re all set:

Passover Baby Bites
Speaking from experience: just make sure you put the platter with these high enough in the fridge so your two and three year olds can’t sneak a couple (or three, or four) without you knowing.  These are crazy, crazy, crazy good.  Like, can’t-control-yourself good.  Yum!!
I also tried these with chocolate Passover cake mix and Passover brownie mix.  They are all wonnnnnderful.  But for whatever reason the Manischewitz white cake with chocolate icing mix was best.

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