Towers And A Silo House

The other day, we saw this castle-inspired water tower in Marvel, Alabama:

Marvel, Alabama Water Tower

Usually I don’t pay a lot of attention to water towers, but I’ve taken pics of a few – like this cotton boll one in Minter City, Mississippi:

Cotton boll water tower, Minter City, Mississippi

…and this one in Mound Bayou, MS (where Peter’s Pottery is) which has the city’s logo / seal:

Water Tower at Mound Bayou, MS

…this one at the beach:

Pensacola Beach Water Tower, Pensacola Beach FL

…and this tin-man tower means I’m parked at one of my favorite places, McCarty Pottery (updated their website!) in Merigold, MS:

Water Tower, across from McCarty's Pottery in Merigold MS

This isn’t a water tower, but it’s something we saw on a farm road between Sawyerville and Mason’s Bend, Alabama – a house on top of a silo:

Silo House

Silo House

Silo House

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