Thank You

Thank you for your calls, texts, emails, FB messages…I’m responding now but want to let everyone know we are fine. Just wowed by all the sweet thoughts and prayers!  A tornado passed about two miles from our home but we were okay, save the loss of a giant tulip tree in the backyard — took the boys downstairs and they were blissfully unaware anything was going on.

My hometown, Cullman AL, was greatly damaged.  Still waiting to hear from Huntsville friends.  I spent today bringing food to another friend who lives in Arab, where the power may not be back for four or five more days.  I was admittedly a little nervous driving up there — so many downed trees everywhere, and in some places power lines were criss-crossed on the surface of the road and we were all having to drive over those.

I took one picture.  An Otelco truck had traffic stopped today on the road to Arab, right here, and I snapped this pic of a trailer that has been absolutely flattened.  Flattened and flipped upside down.

Prayed for the people that called this home while the utility truck had traffic stopped.  I had a feeling everyone in front and behind me was doing the very same.

Alabama Tornado

Lots of time for prayer on this trip today.

We were close enough to the tornado (the one that stayed on the ground from Tuscaloosa up to Georgia) that debris from where it had already touched down fell in our yard — we have pieces of someone’s roofing insulation, and this chewed-up strip of siding fell onto our neighbor’s yard.

Alabama Tornado
There are a zillion pics from other places on the news so I won’t post more than this.  Thank you for thinking of my little family, and please keep everyone affected by the storms in your prayers…

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