Last month, I was in Scottsboro for a little project — more about that next week, because I’m actually going to be asking for help on it, and it’s something very worthwhile, and I would love your help, and I need your help.

But for now, here are a few pics from other things around Scottsboro:

I had lunch with a friend at — of all places, the Unclaimed Baggage Store (which has a little sandwich shop inside it) where we looked at all kinds of things.  Now, as strange as this sounds, the Unclaimed Baggage Store is kind-of…famous.  Famous because…well, all that lost luggage from airlines goes somewhere and a lot of it goes here, and a thousand years ago you could find things for very little money but nowadays they have people pricing things that know what they’re looking at.  They have everything from off-brand Keds to haute couture.  Seriously.

On the way out of town, I walked the Courthouse square.  Top left is Payne’s Soda Shop — an old soda fountain that’s been in business since 1869!  Well, I had to stop for a drink, then I remembered that they have something called a ‘red slaw dog’.  I average about two hotdogs a year, so I thought I’d have a bite or two and that be it.  I think what puts the ‘red’ in a red slaw dog is a lot of ketchup in the slaw, so one bite was really enough for me.  Some people love it though.

Payne's Red Slaw Dogs and Variety Bake Shop Doughnuts, Scottsboro AL

Now, I knew that I had to bring something back for Av and the boys, so on the other side of the Square I found Variety Bake Shop.  I got four doughnuts and a dozen cheese straws.  Oh wow!  The doughnuts were fantastic — Av and the boys devoured them!!  And the cheese straws (my thing) were really great too!  I’ll admit…I left the doughnuts alone, but the cheese straws were half-gone by the time I got home…

One of the other places I visited in town was the Scottsboro-Jackson Heritage Center, which is an 1880 home, somewhat sparsely furnished.  The interesting thing was upstairs — this case of what I was told were original documents:

At Scottsboro-Jackson Heritage Center

This says across the top “War Department, Washington, April ? (maybe 22 or 23) 1865” then “$100,000 Reward! The Murderer of our late beloved President Abraham Lincoln is still at large!”.  There’s a picture of a similar one at this CNN site.

At Scottsboro-Jackson Heritage Center

Back on the Payne’s side of the Square is this monument to Andrew Jackson — it’s after him that this county, Jackson, is named.  This was dedicated in 1976:

Andrew Jackson Statue, Scottsboro AL
Andrew Jackson Statue, Scottsboro AL

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