Ed Stilley’s Fiddles, Guitars, & Banjos

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This is from KSPR in Arkansas:

He doesn’t think of what he does as art, but as a mission from God.

“I was about to pull off something I never would have gotten out of,” says Ed Stilley, sitting on an easy chair in his living room.

A quarter of a century ago, Stilley was in trouble. He prayed for help.

“I was really in a deep distress. and I laid down to sleep, and God knew what I was thinking on. He showed me and said, ‘if you make guitars, I’ll handle the matter,'” says Stilley

So, Stilley went to making guitars, fiddles and banjos. He created without any idea how.

“I didn’t have ’em make ’em in a shape. I just bent them, and where the wood broke is where I stopped,” says Stilley.

He just trusted his faith, to spread a message of faith. Each instrument says “True faith, true light. Have faith in God.”

“I have some relatives that said, ‘I want a guitar for our children that don’t have no writings on it.’ I said the store’s got plenty of them,” laughs Stilley.

Stilley’s made hundreds of guitars, fiddles, and banjos. He’s never sold one. He says God told him to give them to children.

“My goal is, treat other people like I’d like to be treated,” says Stilley.

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