Reddy Kilowatt

Alabama Power Company Neon Sign, Reddy Kilowatt, Attalla AL
Alabama Power is huge now; it got its start in Etowah County in 1906.  This is the neon sign for its office in downtown Attalla, with the character Reddy Kilowatt on top.  

One of the interesting things about Attalla is that it’s the first town in the US to have electric street lights.  Not NYC or Chicago, but Attalla.  The founder of Alabama Power built a hydro-electric dam to power the city in 1902, and the historic marker downtown quotes him:

First to supply the City of Attalla with electricity; second, to pump water into a tall stand pipe which would furnish Attalla with water; and third, to demonstrate the possibilities and economy of hydro electric power for which I had been contending for a number of years preceding.

Alabama Power says it was founded in Gadsden (right next door) but Attalla says it was there even on the city signs coming into town (which A/P gave Attalla the money to do).  It was a source of some contention when Alabama Power had their 100th anniversary and claimed Gadsden.

Right now, Attalla is probably best-known for its antique shops, which have taken over downtown.  Leslie and I approve.  I’ll show some of what we get there later in the week!

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