Montgomery Zoo & Bug Tussle Bill

I’ve never been a huge fan of zoos — we’re members at our local zoo and we usually get there 3-4 times a month, but it’s just not something I have ever been able to truly, truly enjoy.  I imagine that it’s that guilty feeling of seeing animals that might otherwise have lives with more freedom, more space…but I also know that some of the animals are there because through a myriad of circumstances, and it’s the best and safest place for them to be.  That’s what I keep telling myself, anyway.  I know a lot of you feel the same way.

Well, last month, we went to the Montgomery Zoo and it was nice.  Most of the animals were in more spacious accommodations and it didn’t seem so zoo-like.  Another big plus was a large playground that the boys enjoyed.

Montgomery Zoo, Montgomery AL

We paid extra for each boy to be able to feed the giraffes.  Shugie *loved* this part and when the giraffe held out his tongue, Shugie did too!

Montgomery Zoo, Montgomery AL

Groundhog Day is this coming week.  The local news crews always go to the zoo and see whether there’s a shadow or not, but last year I heard that my hometown was celebrating ‘Possum Day‘ in August to see if “Bug Tussle Bill” feels a breeze (if he does, fall is coming early).  I think I like the idea of Possum Day even better.

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