House Flower

This past Sunday, a television station in Idaho ran a piece about a unique canoe sculpture that’s being built there.  It’s by Christopher Fennell, who is originally from Florida and then Georgia, but now lives here in Alabama — it wasn’t until today that I realized we have seen other pieces by him.  This temporary one was at the Magic City Art Connection in 2009:

Art by Christopher Fennell

This is in the western side of B’ham (Cotton Ave & 9th St SW).  He made it from wood and tin roofing of a 100-year-old home in Nectar.  House flower:

Art by Christopher Fennell

Art by Christopher Fennell

Every time I hear something about Nectar, I think about the covered bridge they used to have there (1932 – 1993) that was 385′ long and the seventh-longest covered bridge in the world.  Here’s how the site looked when we were passing through there in 2007.  You can still see the three pillars:

Supports for Nectar Covered Bridge, Nectar AL
There are three covered bridges left in Blount County (Nectar is there): Easley, Swann, and Horton.  All three are closed right now but there’s hope to have them open again sometime in 2012.  Hope so.
Pics of the Blount County covered bridges are in my Flickr stream here.

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