Hi Egg-Lovers!

Hi to everyone coming to Deep Fried Kudzu lately from the Publix Supermarket magazine!  I was so tickled to find myself being quoted on the inside front cover of the spring issue that just came in the mail!
It was really exciting to get a call from a writer who had seen my naturally dyed Easter eggs on DFK that wanted to feature them in the magazine.  When he asked me about my own kids and I explained that we’re Jewish but I make them for children in shelters so that when they wake up Easter morning they will have beautiful eggs, I could tell that he was excited too.  
If you’re interested in doing this for shelters in your area, call a couple or three weeks before Easter and get an idea from them of how many young guests they expect for the holiday, then make a few extra just in case so no one gets left out.  I usually make up a basket with colorful long-strip shredded paper (just put pretty double-sided scrapbook paper through an old-style paper shredder that makes long strips and you have gorgeous ‘grass’) and fill the basket with naturally dyed eggs and some candies and chocolates.  I usually get some little stuffed animals for girls’ baskets and Hot Wheels for boys’ baskets so they get a couple of toys also.  
I get the very best feeling waking up that Sunday (after delivering them that Saturday evening) knowing that the children in that shelter will also wake up knowing that the Easter bunny knew exactly where they were and that he did not forget them.

If you’re here from the magazine and are looking for directions for the naturally-dyed eggs, that link is here.  For swirled, waxed, glittered, and painted (pink & green polka-dots!), that link is here.

My friend Amy is the Egg Queen of North Mississippi (really, they even ask her to come to schools and do exhibits) and I’ll post some of her tips soon.

The Publix Supermarket magazine, Publix Family Style, is published four times a year.  You can request to receive it (it’s free, even!) here.

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