Odessa’s Blessings

While we were in Montgomery for our magnolia wreath, we had lunch at Odessa’s Blessings in this pretty home:

Odessa's Blessings, Montgomery AL

It was Saturday, and they’re actually only open on weekdays from what I understand, but they were hosting a luncheon for some college faculty (didn’t realize all this until we had come in the open door) and they offered to seat us.

In Montgomery, so many independent restaurants downtown (Isaiah’s, Martha’s Place, etc.) are only open on business days because so much of what gets done in town is government-related.  So when state government isn’t going on, the restaurants are closed.

While I have a soft-spot for Montgomery – it was the “big city” to go to while I was going to college at Troy – I’d rather do almost anything than eat at one of the chain places on East Boulevard.

The whole house at Odessa’s was decorated for Christmas.  This is the serving table that we had lunch from:

Odessa's Blessings, Montgomery AL

Now, it was really good, but this picture isn’t terribly attractive.  I think what’s missing is a beautiful green vegetable or two.  I could have gone for some collards or okra, but they must’ve already run out by the time we got there.  In any case, I was happy with my chicken & dressing, macaroni and cheese, squash casserole, and steamed cabbage.  So were the boys.

Odessa's Blessings, Montgomery AL
When I was looking to see if the restaurant had a website, I found Soul of America which listed this and other soul food restaurants all over the US.

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