Southern Goodness

As a mommy of two boys with very traditional names, and – you know me – a lover of the great Southern tradition of two first names, when our new Governor gave his acceptance speech Tuesday evening, it made me smile to hear him thank his children:
John Mark, Paul, Luke, and Matthew

He managed to get all four Gospels plus an Apostle.

He has two grandchildren – girls – with two first names too.  Nice!

…and I’m loving this, from the B’ham News:

British humorist Dom Joly writes about trying to buy tickets to London’s 2012 Olympics in The Independent. Judging from the accent, he takes the man on the other end of the phone to be from Alabama. “I’m not in Alabama, sir,” he’s told. “I’m in Szechwan Province in China but we have been taught to speak in this accent as it is the one that most people instinctively trust since it is friendly and homely.”

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