Sculptured Home, Gonzales LA

Craig Black does some wonderful murals and paintings, with installations at Houmas House (a River Road plantation that’s open for tours) and other residences.  Behind Houmas House, there’s even a gallery of his work in the old gardener’s cottage.

But at his house in Gonzales, Louisiana, it’s not all pretty paintings of sugar cane and herons.

It’s this:

House By Craig Black, Gonzales LA

…concrete sculpted on the front of his home.

House By Craig Black, Gonzales LA

After the Saints won the Super Bowl, he turned it into the Whooo Dat House.

My favorite thing on Gonzales, was probably this sign outside Lamendola’s grocery store:

Jambalaya Sign at Lamendola's, Gonzales LA

You’d have to be a wonderful character for your nickname to be “cock-a-doo”, right?  Love that.

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