On our way to New Orleans, we had supper at Leatha’s Bar-B-Que Inn in Hattiesburg (wonderful as always).  Since we didn’t leave home until later in the afternoon, we decided to go ahead and spend the night in town, so we made reservations at the Hilton Garden Inn:

Hilton Garden Inn, Hattiesburg MS

The next day we got up and visited Dr. Charles Smith’s home/environment and the sculptured home of Craig Black, and along the River Road we stopped for these pics of the San Francisco plantation:

San Francisco Plantation

San Francisco Plantation

There are pics of the interior by another guest here on Flickr.  Beautiful.

San Francisco Plantation

Once we got back to New Orleans, we went to the Scandinavian Festival at the Norwegian Seaman’s Church on Prytania.  Ah, to be honest this was not my favorite food festival but both boys found friends to play with, and…well…how many churches do you know that have their own swimming pool?

Scandinavian Food Festival, New Orleans LA

Av went to a convention and the boys and I played around – we stayed at the Loew’s Hotel.

Shug and Shugie Having Fun at Loew's Hotel, New Orleans LA

We’ve stayed in some great hotels (Ritz Carlton several times, the Hermitage, the Alluvian, Le Pav, etc.) but only rarely do you see a room service menu for pets.  A can of Iams is a paltry $6 but if you really want to be treated, there’s always the “Barking Beef Entree (Ground Sirloin with Eggs and Brown Rice)” for $18.  And kitty can have “Seared Gulf Fish” for $17:

Loew's Pet Room Service Menu
Okay!  Tomorrow’s what I *really* can’t wait to show – some thing soooo fantastic…

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