Helping Chris Clark, And Artwalk

This weekend in the B’ham News, there was an article about one of our favorite artists, Chris Clark, needing some help.  In part:

His work has been displayed everywhere from the Birmingham Museum of Art to the Smithsonian, but now it’s a struggle for Ensley folk artist Chris Clark to dress himself.

Hospitalized for nearly a week, Clark, 51, said he won’t be able to go home without a pricey piece of equipment he said he can’t afford. Fortunately, friends in the arts community are rallying to help him.

Known for his bead and sequin adorned quilts and furniture painted in bright, glittery colors, the artist was unexpectedly admitted to Cooper Green Mercy Hospital Monday when he went to see about getting a CPAP machine for his sleep apnea.

In order to leave the hospital, Clark said he’ll need a BiPAP — a forced breathing machine — that will cost more than $4,000, which Clark said his insurance will not pay for although his doctor said Clark needs it to live.

“They say I’d die in my sleep without it,” Clark said in a telephone interview from his hospital room. “I don’t have much money left after I pay my bills. We’ve got a bad economy so people aren’t buying much art.”

That’s awful!  I know this is a long shot, but if you know of an available BiPAP that could be…I don’t know…gifted? borrowed? sold at a large discount? let me know and I can get you in touch with the right people so Chris can get feeling better (and keeping him in the hospital until he comes up with the money to buy one, like the article said? Gracious, what that must be costing.).

We put this angel Chris made overlooking Shug’s crib when we decorated the nursery:

I took a picture of this pretty girl at one of the festivals:

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…and Chris is also very well known for his quilts:

Chris Clark Quilt

Chris’ art will also be available for sale this weekend at Artwalk in Birmingham (it is a great event) so that should help raise the money needed.  

I’m also looking forward to seeing art by Katherine Linn, Patrick Mayton, Carolyn Wass, and my friends John Lytle Wilson and Joe Minter there.

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