Gail’s Back!

Sort of!

Well, so many of the girls I know can’t think of having a china closet without having some Gail Pittman pieces.

Not to mention all the McCarty Pottery, and Peter’s Pottery…

(Back to Gail, this opens the floodgates!  I know some girls that are still upset that she stopped making the china here in the South, others that are upset that she even thought of sending it to be made overseas, others that couldn’t believe she would do licensing with Paula Deen at Belk’s, and others that either love or hate the Gail pieces at Southern Living at Home (now Willow House)).  

And if you’re upset Gail’s-china-is-overseas-instead-of-made-in-Mississippi (okay, I’m that way too) you’re likely to now cherish the pieces that were handpainted and sold in the years before all of that unpleasantness.  This is my pre-allofthat chip and dip tray:

Gail Pittman

Gail Pittman

Aaaah, *real* Gail.

Well, Gail has opened a store this summer!  In Ridgeland!  Does that mean she’s “back”?  Is it being made here in the US again?  I left a message on the Facebook page a couple of weeks ago but didn’t hear anything back, so I called.

I could tell that they really didn’t want to say.  I started with that I’m a collector and can’t wait to visit the new shop and all that, and went on to ask if it is being made in Mississippi again.  The woman I spoke with said that actually a man in Franklin, Tennessee handled all the manufacturing now.  So I said…does that mean it’s being made in Tennessee now?

(this is the part where I’m thinking: “please say yes.  please say yes.”)

And she said that the man has manufacturing facilities all over the world.

So you know what that means.

Well, I’m just happy that she’s happy and she’s back.  Even if it’s made in China or wherever, I wish her the best and really can’t wait to see what new patterns she’ll come up with.

And I’ll always be a Honeysuckle fan.

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