Fried Everything

The State Fair of Texas is going on right now and the Big Tex Choice Awards have gone out for the eight dishes named best new foods at the fair.

Now, I grew up in a small town with a small fair.  And I would have never-ever bought food from a fair vendor (not counting the Lions Club concession stand, which offers food by/from local businesses).  But at the Texas State Fair, it’s kind-of a thing to eat ‘fair food’ and there especially, to eat *fried* fair food.

So the eight new Big Tex best foods?

Deep Fried Smores Pop Tart
Fried Lemonade
Fernie’s Fried Club Salad
Texas Fried Frito Pie
Fried Texas Caviar
Deep Fried Frozen Margarita
Fried Chocolate
Fried Beer

(the fried club salad has the most calories, with 1021.)

Just the words ‘Frito Pie’ make me hungry!  Frito Pie is a ‘thing’ in Texas – you just open a bag of Fritos, add chili and cheese…yum!  And it’s perfect Friday night football food.  For 1-1/2 years in elementary school, I left Alabama and lived in Texas.  I loved it there.

I had long hair, lived in a pink house (I know! Pink! What is that!?) with pretty roses around it, could walk home from school, had a sweet dachshund named ‘Winnie’, took piano lessons, belonged to 4-H, and oh-gosh-what-else…

I had gigantic wings in my hair!

I got to represent 5th grade at Homecoming, too.  That was exciting!  

But back to the fair…

There’s a set of pics on Flickr that someone took of a lot of this year’s food, including the fried beer.  Fried butter, too! 

Some state fairs feature butter sculptures.  These are all from this year:

(and wow they’ve even done a Last Supper in butter previously!) 

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