Planting Chairs

There was an article in Southern Living about three or four years ago about planting a chair and since then I’ve been really wanting to try it.  The whole project took less than 20 minutes.

Outdoor sealant spray
Chicken wire 
Tin Snips
Nice heavy scissors for cutting coco liner
Potting Soil
Plants (if you use some plants that will hang/drape, that looks great and will cover all the liner and staples, etc.)

First, just remove the seat, then spray the chair all over with sealant.  Let dry.

Planting A Chair

Next, unroll a length of chicken wire over the open seat, push it down to make as deep a ‘bowl’ as will be necessary for your plants, and cut with tin snips.  Take this smaller, more manageable piece of chicken wire, and further mold it around the open area:

Planting A Chair

Cut again with snips, and begin stapling the form along the outline of the chair:

Planting A Chair

Take the coco liner (this is great for keeping all the soil in but allowing for good drainage) and fit in the chair.  The big folds will tell you where to cut small sections out so there is a bit of overlap but not too much.  If you cut while the coco liner is in the chair, you’ll see exactly how much to remove: 

Planting A Chair

Next, add potting soil and plants, water, and it’s all set!:

Planting A Chair


When I uploaded my pics to Flickr, I took a look to see other planted chairs and found several.  

Love this one.  And what about this!?

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