Mason Jars Always

In last week’s New York Magazine, there was a review of one of the – as they put it – “faux-speakeasys” in the city right now, The Lion.  

It was not good news for the restaurant – they didn’t get a single star, and that doesn’t happen very often.  As the reviewer, Adam Platt, went on about the offerings  (and he didn’t mention, and maybe this is just NYC prices, but $36 for a dozen raw oysters!?!), he brought up that they serve cheesecake in a Mason jar.  They bake the cheesecake right in the jar.


I like to serve banana pudding in a Mason jar:

Nana Puddin

…and I’ve had a Natchez Pecan cake from Cora’s Cakes in a Jar, but never cheesecake in a jar…hmmm…

Noticed a lot of different Mason jar items lately:
I like these Mason jar drink dispensers 
and *love* these Mason jar pendant lights
this jar cast in porcelain to make a pendant from Pigeon Toe Ceramics
and this Kerr jar planter
…another similar jar cast in porcelain
and candle lanterns too

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