Helping Save Margaret’s Grocery

Margaret's Grocery 2005, Vicksburg MS

Next Thursday, August 19, there will be a meeting at the Southern Cultural Heritage Foundation in Vicksburg about the future of Margaret’s Grocery.

It’s been deeded to Miss Margaret (who passed away) and Reverend Dennis’ church, but real preservation work will need to be done, best by those familiar with the process.  

Rev. Dennis will be at the meeting at the SCHF.  The meeting is described this way:

“Join the Mississippi Arts Commission in a grassroots campaign to preserve Vicksburg’s unique visionary art destination: Margaret’s Grocery. 

Convene on ways to help preserve Margaret’s Grocery as a cultural tourism destination. 

Document memories and experiences with Rev. Dennis and Miss Margaret at our story station. 

Sign up to be a part of the preservation effort.”

Margaret's Grocery, Just Outside Vicksburg MS

If you can attend, you can RSVP here.

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