Going To Chattanooga

We like not taking the interstate.  This past weekend, we took the boys back to the Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga and took some ‘back roads’ up through NE Alabama.

Here was a place selling ‘bbq wood’ that had an honor box so you could get as much as you need at whatever hour and leave the amount due in the container:

NE Alabama

Loved this sign:

NE Alabama

At Head Springs Cemetery:

Head Springs Cemetery, Valley Springs AL

Head Springs Cemetery, Valley Springs AL

These two monuments were side by side for different family members.  Looks like there was a revision on the design:

Head Springs Cemetery, Valley Springs AL

Oh there were *so* many great barns advertising Rock City!

Barn, See Rock City, NE Alabama

On our way to lunch (an upcoming post) we passed by this used car lot.  Would you buy a car from Big Hearted Smitty?

Wouldn't You Buy A Car From 'Big Hearted Smitty'?

…and we just couldn’t be in Chattanooga on a Sunday without going to the Chattanooga Market to ooh and aah over the fresh organic fruits and vegetables, plus handmade furniture, art, some beautiful orchids, and frozen strawberry lemonade for both boys:

Sunday Market, Chattanooga

…and those jellyfish at the Aquarium – I could have just sat and watched those for a couple of hours.  Have you seen those jellyfish aquariums for home use (if you can get over the maybe-too-serious-about-a-jellyfish-aquarium photographs on their website)?  These are really nice.

Jellyfish, Chattanooga Aquarium

The Chattanoogan ran an article today about freshwater jellyfish in the Tennessee River.  Their scientific name is ‘Craspedacusta sowerbyi’ but they are also called ‘peach blossom jellyfish’.  

I’ll go with ‘peach blossom’.

This has nothing to do with Chattanooga, but my friend Lorie is one of the ten finalists in the nationwide Mission Tortillas Menu Challenge.  So proud of her!  If you’re interested in any of the recipes, they can all be found by clicking in the middle of the main page for voting.  Lorie’s is the “Tilapia and White Bean Taco Salad Bowls with Creamy Avocado Dressing and Pickled Red Relish”.  Can’t wait to try it!

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