Whitefish Salad

Before we left Pensacola, we had breakfast at Bagelhead’s – Av got a chocolate chip bagel with peanut butter, and I had a salt bagel with cream cheese, red onion, tomato, capers, and lox:

Bagelheads, Pensacola FL

Can I even?  No, I can’t even say how good that was.  

On our way out of town, we stopped by Joe Patti’s as we always do…

Joe Patti's, Pensacola FL

This pic of the interior is from a previous visit, but you can get an idea of how big and busy it is:
Inside Joe Patti's, Pensacola FL

We filled the large cooler we brought (they’ll pack it to travel, too), and one of the things I had to have was a smoked whitefish.   

Whitefish Salad

To make whitefish you don’t even need a ‘recipe’ – just a couple of extra forks so you can taste, add some of this, some of that, then taste again with a fresh fork, and so on.  

Just remove the skin from the fish (it peels off super-easy), flake the meat into a bowl with your fingers so you’re sure to catch any bones, then add, for example, onion (I used 1/2 a vidalia cut chunky because I like the crunch it gives) plus capers (1/2 a small bottle, drained), and a little mayonnaise (Duke’s, always).  Salt too.  Taste and add more of whatever.  You could add dill, sour cream, celery slices, yogurt, maybe a little bell pepper for extra color and crunch.

Great on a bagel, in the scoop of a celery stick, in a bowl with a few plain Captain’s wafers…  

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