New Favorite Gallery In Nashville

What a fun gallery!

You know how sometimes galleries just don’t seem particularly warm (maybe it’s because of the huge expanse of space some of them have)? Or the artwork is displayed in a very stark fashion?

Well, the Art & Invention Gallery in Nashville is comfortable perfection.

The pieces there encompass a huge range of accessibility – you could easily leave there with a lovely gift for a friend under $35. Or if you were looking for a more substantial (either in size or workmanship) piece, that’s available too.

You can tell from the outside that it’s going to be fun – the owners began with an artists’ studio they called the Garage Mahal:

Art & Invention Gallery, Nashville TN

Now for the terrific, fun art:

Art & Invention Gallery, Nashville TN

Art & Invention Gallery, Nashville TN

We’ll definitely have to come back for their annual Tomato Art Fest in August!

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