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When we were shopping for Shug’s birthday, I really wanted to get a table for him to construct his LEGO creations. I looked on Amazon and was really surprised that the ones that weren’t made by LEGO were getting some negative reviews because they didn’t perfectly fit the blocks; and tables made by LEGO, which were of course perfect, cost so much.

Surely it wasn’t going to take upwards of $300 to get a good surface to play on…right?

Just have to add here, I played LEGOs on ’70s shag – love the shag! – carpet and so did Av, and that was perfectly fine…but you know…the kiddies these days, they like their LEGO tables…

Last month when we were at IKEA (are all these four-letter, all-caps words bothering you? me too, and we haven’t even gotten to how the table is from their LACK line. I’m officially ignoring how these things are supposed to be typed from here on in this post.) among the goodies we brought home was a Lack end table. Its dimensions are 21-5/8″ x 21-5/8″ and we were able to get the ‘walnut effect’ finish which doesn’t clash with the existing furnishings in Shug’s room. Giant plus: all the Lack end tables are on sale right now for the crazy-low amount of $7.99.

Then I went onto Amazon and bought four packs of official Lego small building plates, 10″x10″, at $6.80/ea.

Going by the dimensions, this leaves a nice space of about 3/4″ around all the plates so it actually looks like we *meant* to do this – or even bought it this way. Pretty nice! Even more nice? It cost just over $35 to make this Lego table with real Lego building plates.

IKEA-ized Homemade LEGO Table

Finding and marking center:
IKEA Lack Table Becomes LEGO Table For Preschooler

Starting to apply Gorilla glue, which worked perfectly:
IKEA Lack Table Becomes LEGO Table For Preschooler

One plate down:
IKEA Lack Table Becomes LEGO Table For Preschooler

Av’s idea of clamping the plates together with Lego blocks to keep them from slipping any while drying and to make certain that they are completely even between plates:
IKEA Lack Table Becomes LEGO Table For Preschooler

All done!
IKEA Lack Table Becomes LEGO Table For Preschooler

A couple of months ago, I read ‘Do One Green Thing: Saving the Earth Through Simple, Everyday Choices‘: the author was on Martha’s show, and in the book she listed some mattress companies that had the ‘greenest’ product (turns out, the fire retardant in many mattresses is made up of some pretty nasty chemicals).  The best mattresses included Ikea’s; they have ones that are 85% natural latex and cotton.  So of course Shug got his big-boy mattress there too.  

Oh, and you know that smell that new shower liners give off?  Not good.  Yucky PVC.  Ikea sells non-PVC shower liners for less than $2/ea.  

So you know I bought everybody I know one.

Can’t you just imagine?  

“Guess what Ginger got me?  A $2 shower curtain liner from Ikea.”

“Well, for goodness sakes.”

My favorite thing to do at Ikea?  Dream about kitchens.  
Ikea Kitchens
Ikea Kitchens
Ikea Kitchens

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