American Artisan Festival, Nashville TN

Sunday, we went to the American Artisan Festival in Nashville.

Whereas we usually take our time and do a good amount of ‘visiting’ with everyone at festivals, this time we made an effort to breeze through (plus, it was 95*). Here are some of the highlights:

Fantastic: Martin Obakke and Celena Cavala call their art ‘The Filigree‘:

Martin Obakke & Celena Cavala, American Artisan Festival, Nashville TN

Sam Cheek from Notasulga, AL was there with his birdhouses:

Sam Cheek, American Artisan Festival, Nashville TN

James and Catherine Neill from Ozark, MO had some really great woodcarvings:

James & Catherine Neill, American Artisan Festival, Nashville TN

My favorite – the one thing I really-really wanted to bring home from the festival – was this Jonah in the Whale. Would’ve been perfect in Shug’s room!

James & Catherine Neill, American Artisan Festival, Nashville TN

One artist that I missed especially this year was Holden McCurry – this is a pic from his tent a couple of years ago:

Besides the prayer towers (above) he also makes these great journey boats:

In mid-July, he’s going to be at the Craft Fair of the Southern Highlands in Asheville, and that is one of the *very* best shows anywhere.

It was time for a late lunch after the festival, so we had Pancake Pantry for the first time (it’s a Nashville tradition).

Pancake Pantry, Nashville TN

Gracious at the pancakes! Av got chocolate chip and I got Santa Fe cornmeal with bacon, cheddar, and green chiles. They also had sweet potato, pecan, wild blueberry, raspberry, silver dollar, buckwheat, peach, and more on the menu. Blintzes and latkes and grits and country ham, too! It was good. Not life-changing, but really good.

Now here’s the part that made me beam with pride: the boys always share what we eat but we also ordered them a grilled cheese sandwich to split. I didn’t realize what the side item was on the sandwich, but when they brought it out, there was a large pile of potato chips on the plate. Guess what?
Shug pointed at them and said, “what are those?”! I am a proud mommy.

I spent some time today with my friends Hilda and Joe Minter. Can’t wait to show you some of Joe’s new art. Tomorrow!

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