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Okay! There’s a DeepFriedKudzu page now on Facebook – so if you’re on FB, I would *love* (love, love) to see you there. I just put it up late last night.
If you make a specialty food item – like everyone in town knows you for your pralines or cheese straws, there’s a website called Foodzie that’s something like Etsy for food. They describe it this way: “Foodzie helps passionate small food producers and farmers across the U.S. reach new customers and connect directly to foodies searching for wonderful foods and gifts… The only cost is tied to your sales. Our success depends on your success. Our food community is a special group of producers who care about making good food. We have certain guidelines to ensure Foodzie is filled with awesome food our customers will love.” You can find what people are selling closest to you by searching the map here.
Can you love a fence? Yes.
If you see a copy of the latest Exodus Magazine by Samford University, yes that’s me! I was interviewed for an article on Southern websites. Thank you, Molly, for the great article.
The honeysuckle has been incredibly beautiful and fragrant for weeks, and the last blooms are starting now. Time to make honeysuckle sorbet. If you don’t have the Crook’s Corner cookbook, you can search inside it here on Amazon for the recipe.
The Help (NYT Bestseller for…forever) is going to be filmed this summer in Greenwood.
In reaction to the oil spill in the Gulf, Mignon Faget has designed a speckled trout pin on black ribbon with part of the proceeds going to the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana. Love her gumbo necklace.

The Nashville C&VB has a list of attractions, events, and even restaurants that are open for business. The Opry is being performed at different venues but is still going on.

Firefly Vodka (who makes the sweet tea flavor) apologized this week for how they named one of their mixed drink recipes.
Truman Capote’s former home in Brooklyn is selling for $18 million, which is the most any home has been listed for there. That’s where he wrote In Cold Blood and some other works (although I think he was a renter at the time, not the owner of the entire structure).
That reminds me: the To Kill A Mockingbird exhibit’s last day in B’ham at the BCRI is today; it’ll be in Montgomery at the Stonehenge Gallery next week and then it will all be on auction May 22.
Shugie and I went to the exhibit this past week – some, actually most, of the works are *amazing* but a couple of artists clearly sent in inventory (when you see the exhibit, you’ll know). Well, we’re only interested in the amazing parts, right? Here’s amazing. It’s what my friend Bethanne Hill contributed:

Used with permission, Copyright Bethanne Hill, Mad Dog and Strong Magic, 21″ x 18″, acrylic on wood, 2010
*That* is To Kill A Mockingbird. More of Bethanne’s art can be viewed here.
Mississippi Tourism launched the new state-wide Culinary Trail this week – my sweet friend Anna put it together!
Lots more but I’ll save it for next week…

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