We are rich with political ads this year in Alabama.
Now, I don’t enjoy politics (one of my best friends used to be on the city council for two or three terms and *wow* I can tell you some stories) and I almost never share who I vote for on either ticket with anyone.
But no matter what side of the fence you are on, having the television on the last few weeks has been high entertainment.
Just three instances; I’m saving the best for last here.
This one for Treasurer begins, “I’m Young Boozer, and yes, that’s my real name”. Av said he’s actually YB the IIIrd in his family. Bless his heart, I want Young Boozer to win just to try to make up for what he must’ve gone through in middle and high school.
Anyway. One candidate for Governor has had his ad re-played *everywhere* because so many people find it controversial (“this is Alabama. We speak English.”) – which brought about this parody by a group in NY. And I do especially like the new symbol for pi, too! ha!!
Whether these people are your candidates or not, it’s nice to have a healthy sense of humor.
What tops everything, though, is that one of the Ag Commissioner candidates’ political ad has gone viral.
Are you thinking: why would, of all political ads, one for Agriculture Commissioner go viral? I understand it’s been played on most of the big-name liberal and conservative cable shows.
You will get a kick out of this. One way or the other. Gawker said “this campaign ad is the most American thing ever made”.

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