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The Georgia Center for the Book released their 2010 list of ‘Books Every Georgian Should Read

I was asked to keep this a secret before the auction, but can tell the world now: it was the Kohler Foundation who came through with the money to make possible the purchase of about 30 of the Ralph Lanning sculptures that will now be displayed at Missouri State. Thank you Kohler!

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has links to the Coconut Cake recipe from the old Rich’s department store bakeshop, and tells how sweet Mary Mac’s makes their tea.

Immaculate Baking Company is using the artwork of people including R.A. Miller, Bernice Sims, Earl Simmons, Mose T, and Jimmy Lee Sudduth on their packaging.

My friend Dori DeCamillis featured the (amazing, of course) artwork she made after visiting Tom Hendrix and his wall on her blog recently. More of her *fantastic* work here.

“Art Escapes Museum, Seeks New Home In YOUR Neighborhood” is the idea behind Folk Art Everywhere in Los Angeles. It’s by the Craft and Folk Art Museum and the idea is have artwork in “spaces of everyday life, such as schools, libraries, coffee shops, markets, theaters, and worker centers – places people gather on a regular basis. This way, people who don’t frequent museums can see art objects in environments familiar to them. Los Angeles is a place of great cultural, religious, and ethnic diversity. Yet, many residents have little contact with neighboring communities, settling into culturally and economically homogeneous enclaves. Los Angeles’s far-flung urban form and its notorious traffic congestion exacerbate this isolation.”

I meant to mention this before, but Thomas Keller had lunch at Prince’s Hot Chicken in Nashville a couple of months ago (he liked it) and gave The Tennessean his recipe for fried chicken.

Peter Chang, the Szechuanese chef who had won national cooking competitions in China and had been chef at the Chinese Embassy, was written up in a Calvin Trillin article for the New Yorker. It was all about how Chef Chang has absolutely fervent followers and how he skips from restaurant to restaurant, town to town and how he’s now at Taste of China in Charlottesville. We tried to find him earlier at Tasty China in Marietta but he was already gone (but the food there is still amazing).

Well, after all that (plus an article that came out at almost exactly the same time in the Oxford American) Peter Chang left the restaurant in Charlottesville.

Now skip back to Marietta where Chang says he will be *back* in a year to open “Peter Chang’s Tasty China”.

Jimmy Hedges, who owns Rising Fawn Folk Art sent me (thank you!) a fantastic cookbook called “Panky’s Pantry Secrets” that features ‘100 years of cherished Southern family recipes seasoned with culinary folk lore to help stir the pot’ – inside are not only recipes for things like corn pones, aspic, but even knishbroit (knishbrot since it’s bread?) by Malcah Zeldis – and the book includes images of artwork by Clementine Hunter and others.

Jimmy’s gallery (Sultan Rogers, Georgia Blizzard, Mose T, Jerry Brown, Purvis Young…) has an outdoor folk art sculpture garden, and he sells the gallery’s works online here.

…not too-too much going on the next couple of days festival-wise since it’s Mother’s Day weekend but there are two really great ones:

GumTree Festival, Tupelo and TACA Spring Craft Fair, Nashville (w. opportunities to donate for flood recovery). Really thinking about going to the TACA show…

Have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

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