The Ears Won, And Scott

The winner at the Crossroads Film Festival this weekend in Jackson for best MS-made film (Ruma award) was Smokes & Ears by Joe York. It’s a short film about the Big Apple Inn in Jackson, where they serve…among other things…hot smoked sausage sandwiches, and pig ear sandwiches.

I did order one there once:

A Pig Ear Sandwich from the Big Apple Inn, Farish Street, Jackson MS


If pig ear sandwiches aren’t your thing, I found a sign for these in downtown B’ham:
Fresh Juicy Pig Lips, On Sign at Conoco Station, Birmingham AL

It was announced late February that Scott Peacock was leaving Watershed in Atlanta (okay, Decatur). When the NYT reported about it, they said that he was going to work on “a documentary based on oral histories of Alabama’s oldest residents and their food memories. He also wants to write books, including a memoir partly about his longtime relationship with Edna Lewis”. Has anyone heard anything else?

Last week, Kim Severson’s (food writer for the NYT) book “Spoon Fed: How Eight Cooks Saved My Life” was published and one of the chapters is about Scott and his relationship with Edna Lewis.

I’m catching up on emails – still. Will finish on Monday.
Tomorrow: art from Four Bridges Festival in Chattanooga, and Wednesday will be art from the Dogwood Festival in Atlanta. Did both this weekend! Whew!

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