Oh, Just…You Know. Random Things.

Here are some random things that have wound up in my inbox lately that I thought I’d share…

Remember funding getting completely cut out of the state budget for the Georgia Council for the Arts? The Senate put it back in; now the Governor just has to sign the final budget. Yay!

One of Av’s friends took this pic a couple of days ago (really, go take a look if you have a sec).

Vanity Fair just posted an article on Billy Reid (who has multiple shops, incl. NYC but whose flagship is in Florence AL) using Nutria fur – a non-native rat-like animal which has ruined thousands of acres along the Gulf coast…it’s so bad, Louisiana pays people to get rid of them – in his Fall 2010 collection.
I really do not like getting upset about things, or passing along things to get upset about, but this is just the most awful thing.
Photojojo is quite possibly the best website around about taking pics, and it’s done in a very comfortable not-too-techy way (thank goodness). Thanks to them, I can’t *wait* to put the Hipstamatic app on my iPhone today.
Bacon-flavored vodka.
I ***love*** this website!! Oh yes. Love it. Looooove it.
Photoshop Disasters is always good for a laugh!
Summer-length hair! I just donated a pony-tail’s worth to Pantene Beautiful Lengths again.
You know how if you look at 50 different baking cookbooks, they’ll each have a different recipe for Lane Cake? I emailed the gentleman who did the article for the Encyclopedia of Alabama who didn’t have the original but thought he had found one very close (it’s close but not quite), and talked with Melissa Gray who has another close-but-not-quite recipe for it in her new book All Cakes Considered. It was one of those just-almost-impossible-to-find-the-original things. Well, I found it…finally. Reprinted in a 1960s newspaper. Whew. I’ll make & post about it next week.

Roadside Stand Apple Fried Pie
And of course, nobody makes better fried pies than roadside stands.

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