A Tale Of Two Rubes

Don’t remember why, but today we were talking about Rube Goldberg and when I came home to look for what this year’s winner of the annual national competition was (it’s always something crazy – this year it was to squirt Purell), the RG website had a link to something wonderful – it’s at the bottom of this post…

Reminds me of that great Honda commercial that came out a couple of years ago. It never showed in the US but was huge here on YouTube:

Anyway, that name – Rube – always makes me think of Rube Burrow who was from Lamar County. He was a folk legend known as the ‘Robin Hood of Alabama’ because he gave part of his proceeds from robbing trains to people in the community. This is a pic I took of his monument there (it’s been replaced many times because so many people come by and chip pieces of the stone to bring home as mementos…you can see all the chips around the edges of this stone too) at Fellowship Cemetery there. Even his last name is misspelled, with the extra ‘s’ at the end.

Anyway, when I went to the Rube Goldberg website just to see what the winner was, they had a link to the latest OK Go video (remember the ‘Here it Goes Again’ treadmill video?). This is *great*:

Tomorrow: pics, etc from the Temple Arts Fair this weekend in Nashville. New art, wonderful art. Oh yes.

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