A Dagwood?

We were in South Pittsburg, Tennessee this weekend and visited the Lodge shop.

I found this tiny doc below about how they are still making cast iron skillets at the factory there (they’re the only company still making them in the US):
Well, I knew we would be there around lunch time, so I looked on Chowhound for recommendations and found the Dixie Freeze there:

Dixie Freeze, South Pittsburg TN

They have a meat & three – type menu, so we shared that with the boys…chicken & dumplins, blackeyed peas, green beans, and cornbread.

In some parts of the country – like in the Carolinas, the dumplins in c&d are more like pasta or pastry strips than big, billowy almost-biscuits like we do in Alabama. It was more chicken & pastry here:

Dixie Freeze, South Pittsburg TN

The other thing we got was the Dagwood. I didn’t have the faintest idea what a Dagwood was/is, but their sign outside read, ‘Dagwood Sandwich is Our Specialty’ so….. Av said that a Dagwood is named after the cartoon character, who has sandwiches with *everything*:

Dagwood Sandwich at Dixie Freeze, South Pittsburg TN

Surprise! Here it is (from top to bottom) bun, lettuce/onion/tomato, cheeseburger patty, bacon, toast, cheeeseburger patty, bun. Not really for me. Av and I took it apart and he ate some and I had a little too. For whatever reason, I just wasn’t ‘feeling’ the food here. I bet they make great milkshakes, though.

Now, I would never tell you about a so-so experience without a reason, right!?
So…for some reason, I looked on Flickr for what Dagwoods are at other places, and found this!! A cake (cake!) made to look like a super-tall, super-cute sandwich. It’s made by Studio Cake Design in San Francisco, and their website shows that they won one of the Food Network cake challenges.
And if the Dagwood cake isn’t cute enough, imagine getting this for Valentine’s day. Squee! How about these, too!? Yes, yes, yes.

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