Outsider Art Fair In NYC

This past weekend was the Sanford Smith Outsider Art Fair in NYC with almost 40 exhibitors showing.

Used under CC ‘Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 Generic’ pic by sixes & sevens. Thank you!
The pic above was of ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ by Fred Webster. He was from Fayette, Alabama and passed away in 1998. Robert Cargo Gallery has many of his pieces (although I’m not sure if this one above was from RC).
One of the exhibitors was Gilley’s Gallery in Baton Rouge, which was good to hear that they are traveling and showing since gallery owner Shelby Gilley, who was *the* authority on Clementine Hunter‘s art passed away last month.

The Andrew Edlin Gallery, who represents Frank Calloway of Northport, who made news a couple of years ago as possibly one of the oldest people in the US.

Henry Boxer Gallery with works by George Widener who was born in Kentucky and lives in Asheville, North Carolina now. He has a mental condition that gives him the ability to do calculations with huge numbers, to tell what day of the week any date in history fell on, etc. He does his artwork on paper napkins. His art is just amazing.
Jimmy Hedges’ Rising Fawn Folk Art Gallery in NW Georgia.
This video was taken a couple of years ago at the Fair:
The NY Daily News did a short piece about the Fair here.

Can’t wait for art festival season to get started back up again!

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