Northeast Alabama Graveshelters

East of Kilpatrick, Alabama on Hwy 68 is the Lathamville Baptist Church, which has three different graveshelters in its cemetery. It also has some areas with folk customs, such as swept/sanded, mounded graves with curbing:

Graveshelter #1:

Carport-style, metal roof, gravel surface.
Graveshelter #2:

Elaborate carport almost gazebo style, metal roof, swept, sand surface.

This one is the most recent, and shelters a monument from 2009. One interesting thing is that at the far end of the graveshelter in this picture is a monument for one person in the family which is not covered.

Carport-style, pea gravel surface.

As of just two or three years ago, there was a graveshelter right here at the Kilpatrick Cemetery:


According to the cemetery rules, no monuments or markers above ground level are allowed any more. Also, ‘no sand, gravel, coping, or slabs on graves’.

Without a doubt, folk customs are going to be done in to aid lawn mowing efficiency.

At Blue Springs Baptist in Somerville:

Wood structure, shingles. Dirt and gravel surface.

Musician Alan Jabbour and his wife, Karen made a cemetery tour a few years ago and also found these shelters. It was from their site that I found the one in Kilpatrick that has since been removed. Their pics can be found here.

Next week I’ll post some from west Alabama and northeast MS…

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