Laissez Le Bon Crochet Rouler, And More Dream Rocket

Just look at this invitation! It’s for Clare Crespo (warning: her website is a little loud but here it is), who did those great fun food books like Hey There, Cupcake! and The Secret Life of Food. Beginning this weekend, she has a show at the Heath Ceramics Studio & Store in Los Angeles called…
Laissez Le Bon Crochet Rouler
How cute is that!? She has all kinds of knit/crocheted pieces celebrating New Orleans and Mardi Gras, like oysters on the half shell, catfish po boys, gumbo, beignets, soft shell crabs, and king cake. The only way it could get better would be if she were at the Contemporary Arts Center on Camp Street, not waaay out in California. But how much fun…
Remember the Dream Rocket project in Huntsville, to cover the Saturn V rocket at the US Space and Rocket Center in fiber art submitted from individuals and groups from all over the world?

(Thanks to Jennifer Marsh for use of this graphic above)
Jennifer Marsh, a visiting art professor at UAH and developer of the project, announced that besides the Dream Theme panels, 2 feet x 2 feet ($100) and Visionary panels, 4 x 4 ($400), she has created a *new* category so that becoming part of it is more accessible to everyone.
You can now make 1 foot x 1 foot panels for $25 each, and the deadline for sending it/them in is now March 15, 2010.
The fee goes toward costs associated with things like sewing all the panels together and applying the whole thing to the rocket.

In her speech last year, announcing the project, Jennifer said:

…And when I learned the history of the Saturn V – how the odds makers put 1000-1 odds against putting a man on the moon before the end of the decade – how it was considered an “impossible dream’….

Well… that’s where the idea of Big Dreams and the Saturn V came together.
In reading about the history of the space program, I am struck by how many of the key players were inspired when they were 12 or 13. They had this dream of space flight and they made it happen.

If we can get people to dream big dreams again – who knows what we may accomplish in the future?

The Spirit of the Saturn V teaches us that when people collaborate on an important goal and put aside their differences, nothing is impossible! Anything can be accomplished.

So whether your dream is:
* Going to Mars,
* Curing cancer,
* Being the first in your family to go to college, or
* Finally getting clean water for your village
Whatever your dream is – if you work hard at it and collaborate with others – truly, anything is possible.

The completed project will be on display later this year.

All the details are at the Dream Rocket website.

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