Castle, Catfish, And Okay A Couple More Graveshelters

We’ve heard wonderful things about Red’s Catfish in Cragford, Alabama forever, so we decided to take the boys there for lunch one day. On the way through Lineville, we saw their water tower in the shape of a castle turret:

Lunch at Red’s was *so* good. As in…*soooo good*. It’s on 11 acres of catfish ponds (bottom left pic) and inside there is a huge chainsaw-carved catfish that both boys got a big kick out of:

Ohmystars. Is it the best catfish in Alabama? Maybe! Av is still sticking with Ezell’s in Lavaca but I think I’m going with this:

On our way out, we passed by a little church with this statue in its cemetery:

It’s for B. O. Dawkins, who passed away September 25, 1918. He was a Private with Company E 306 Engineers.

This monument is perfection. Not in a hyper-realism aesthetic but…you know where I’m going.

The stone behind reads:

G-d Smiles On Valiant Soldiers
Their Record Is On High

Ah, then we were off…saw some nice bottle trees:

This church in Roxana has a castle motif for its steeple. I have a friend who’s an architect, and he said that churches 100+ years ago used to order their steeples out of what amounted to a catalog. So you could have a church of any architectural style, and the members could order a steeple that was Second Empire or Queen Anne or any number of other designs (I guess with the thinking that a very stylized steeple would make the overall building more grand). So together you have this incredible look. Love it.

The church cemetery has a graveshelter:

Tin roof, wood structure, dirt surface.

…and coming back home there was this graveshelter we found in Dadeville right on Lake Martin:

Shingle roof, wood structure, dirt surface with tablet. 1886.

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