Some Walker County Graveshelters

Wow! I got some of the greatest emails last week after the first post about graveshelters (so I’m thankfully not alone about thinking how interesting these are!).

I want to give credit where credit is due: doing research months ago when I decided to start documenting and mapping the ones I knew of, I came upon this website, run by a couple who are also interested in them, who listed some that were completely new to me. So while I’ve done my research and found several, these people are also a great resource that I’d encourage you to visit if you’re interested in taking a field trip.

Here are some I found in Walker County, Alabama.

At the Corinth Church of Christ:

carport style, dirt surface.

At Little Vine Primitive Baptist Church (they also hold an annual Sacred Harp singing at this church):

carport style, green painted concrete surface.

Sardis Cemetery:

“open house” type with tin roof, dirt/sand surface.

also at Sardis Cemetery:

“open house” type with shingle roof, sand surface.

a couple of stacked stone monuments called ‘rock cairn’, covered in resurrection fern:

these are called ‘comb graves’ – monuments in which two slabs are positioned together to make a triangular, gable shape:

…and here it’s done with what look like fence sections:

Fairview Church Cemetery – and see the hand-lettered sign there on the left? It makes me wonder if the gentleman who paints all these similar signs all over…well, particularly west-central Alabama – attends church here. I’d love to meet him.

carport-style with chain link fencing and grass carpet. Highly decorated.

…and this is another cemetery with several folk custom sites. This one is ‘swept’ – that is, they covered it with sand to try to keep grass from growing – and has curbing to outline the plot:

Later this week I’ll post more from South Alabama.

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