Slugburgers In Corinth

Last month when we were in Corinth, we had lunch at Borroum’s Drug Store – it’s thought of as *the* place for a slugburger there. Ah, really I love it because it first opened in 1865 and is Mississippi’s oldest drugstore and soda fountain!

The boys – all of them – really enjoyed it too!

Their menu explained slugburgers:

“Slugburgers are a mixture of ground pork, soy flour, and spices. The mixture is flattened into a patty and deep fried in vegetable fat. The patty is placed on a hamburger bun with garnish of mustard, pickle, and onion.

Developed during the Depression when money was scarce and so was meat, slugburgers were made with a mixture of beef and pork, potato flour as an extender, and spices, then fried in animal fat. Mrs. Weeks, credited with creating one of the first, found the ‘burgers’ were a way to make meat go a little farther at the family hamburger stand.

Selling for a nickel, sometimes called a slug, the imitation hamburgers became known as slugburgers.”
…and since it’s a soda fountain, I got a *real* cherry Coke! I even let Shug have a little sip – he’s never had any kind of soft drink (and won’t again for ages) but since 95% of everything both babies eat at home is organic/antibiotic-free/pesticide-free/no added growth hormones/etc etc etc (thank you Whole Foods), I figure one sip of cherry Coke now that he’s 2-1/2 years old will not undo all the good we’ve done…

…and that was a good cherry Coke!

The boys split a sandwich and Av and I both had – of course – the house specialty, slugburger:

The University of Alabama Press will be publishing a new book in the next year or so called ‘Savoring Alabama: History and Culture through Nine Food Traditions’. The Mobile paper has a short piece about the author and her current research in Mobile. I can think of ten things that could make great stories off the top of my head:
white barbecue sauce (N. Alabama)
slugburgers/breadburgers (N. Alabama)
gumbo (S. Alabama)
Greek food / John’s slaw & sauce (B’ham)
Ribs (start with Archibald’s and Dreamland in Tuscaloosa and work from there…)
Peanuts (Wiregrass)
Catfish, plus now fresh water shrimp (Black Belt)
Lane cake, layer cakes (all over)
Grits, especially gristmilled and now organic at McEwen (all over)
Meat & Threes (all over)

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