Oh That’s What That Is!

Well, the funniest thing happened Saturday night! We were coming back from a quick trip to Mississippi (more about that later this week) and decided to have supper in Oakman, Alabama at a place called ‘Old York’ – we’d been there before during the day:
Old York Farms, Oakman AL

This is the way it’s described at their website:

Old York Farms shines with the ghost of the Confederacy and the old west. Nestled in the foothills of south Walker County, York was the orginal site of the towns first post office where in 1862, Confederate troops were sworn in. The post office was located in the rustic white house center of the heritage park. For nearly a century and a half, the Corry’s have resided on the acreage in and around Old York. In this day, York was a mecca for coal mining activities. Five saloons sprang up with the addition of the railroad – the backbone of our nation. One such watering hole was the Chamborden Salon is recreated, complete with the orginal bar, liquor cabinets and mirror. The Corry’s kept everything as authentic as possible and have been instilled with the belief that our heritage is one of our most vital assets and it is our duty to preserve it. We believe we have done just that!

Well, we were all hungry and thought that the Bull Pen Steakhouse would be one of the more interesting places to have supper on the way home. It was!

We ordered our entrees (it was all wonderful) plus an appetizer. One of the appetizers on the menu was “bull fries”. Now, if you’ve spent any time in Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, Wyoming, that part of the country…you know what those are. And I won’t go into it here because it’s not a part of an animal that we…ahem…usually discuss in polite company, but this is food after all that thousands of people eat and enjoy every day here in the US, Mexico, Spain, etc. You know. Ah, if this is not yet ringing a bell, there’s a Wikipedia entry on them here. And ohmygracious in Throckmorton, Texas they even have a festival for this food every year.

That was on the menu. The last time we were in Texas, we ordered these. You never see them on a menu in Alabama. Ever. Never-ever. So I told Av that we just had to order them, it might be the only place in the whole state that serves them. We did.
And how were those bull fries?

Hahahahaha!!! Well we just nearly fell out of our chairs when they brought out…bull fries!! You know, fries named after the restaurant, The Bull Pen. Hilarious!!

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