Honk 4 Love!

My favorite issue of Mississippi Magazine each year is the annual wedding issue. It’s here! Some years are ‘better’ than others in terms of how people personalize their wedding…this year is a little bit of an ‘off’ year (maybe the economy? who knows…) but there are still some good ones:

…(the groom’s cake) a large white baseball cake sat on top, complete with red icing stitching and accented with the letters MSU in maroon. White chocolate dipped strawberries with red icing stitching were placed at the corners of the cake, which sat on a table accented with deer antlers and a string of lights made from shotgun shells.

To represent his outdoor hobbies…another cake designed as a pistol in an open carrying case.

The late-night “Chicken-on-a-Stick” from McPhail’s Chevron topped off the evening. (this is the second or third year that people have mentioned serving guests c-o-a-s from McPhail’s)

…their getaway vehicle, a 1987 Chevy Silverado adorned with the proclamations “Honk 4 Love!” and “We in Love, Y’all!”

The groom’s cake depicted a picnic table with crawfish, potatoes, and corn, which was a tribute to his Louisiana roots…

…the couple’s first dance, a mix of Journey’s “Faithfully” and “Pop, Lock, and Drop It”

The last two years’ announcements were even better. Here are posts from the 2008 and 2009 issues.

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