Folk School Sessions

The next session of the Alabama Folk School is coming up, and residents of Walker County are getting to attend tuition free. Well, they pay $70 for dinner and supper each day, but that’s it.
This session from January 31 – February 3 is called a ‘Sample the Arts Workshop’ so attendees can begin the day with one class and end with another.
The bluegrass menu includes:

Guitar – Herb Trotman
Mandolin – Jason Bailey
Bass – Kathy Hinkle
Fiddle – Gathel Runnels

The crafts menu:
Pottery with a Native American Flair – Ruth Manasco
Pine Needle Basketry – Jean Kerr
Carpentry – Dick Keydoszius & Mark Johnston
Appalachian Clogging – JoAnna Laney
Felting a “Fantasy Flower” – Jackie Miller

Metal Art Clay Jewelry (99.9% pure silver ) – Nancy Burleson
After the Sampler Workshop, the next big session is from April 5-8:
Illustrated Discovery Journal – Marilynn Brandenburger
Timber Frame Construction – Stephen Morrison
White Oak Basketry – Bill & Mary Ann Smith
River Photography – Beth Maynor Young
Gee’s Bend Quilters – Mary Ann & China Pettway
Guitar – Jim Hurst
Banjo – Herb Trotman
Mandolin – Jason Bailey
Bass – Kathy Hinkle
Intermediate/Advanced Fiddle – Barbara Lamb
…and after that, June 13-17 is Camp Fasola. Yes.

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