Nice Stairs, Green Latticework, And All Manner Of Recipes

On our way to Camden and Gee’s Bend last month, we went through Hayneville, and saw the Lowndes County Courthouse – *love* those curved staircases on each side:
Lowndes County Courthouse, Hayneville AL

Next was Furman, Alabama where the Furman Methodist Church was established in 1860. See that latticework on the steeple?
Furman Methodist Church, Est. 1858, Furman AL

This is Furman’s Bethsaida Baptist Church, established in 1832:
Bethsaida Baptist Church, Est. 1832, Furman AL

This is Wakefield – the *real* reason we made sure to stop in Furman – it was built around 1860, and see all that green latticework all across the front balconies? It wasn’t until I got home that I thought about the connection between the house and the Methodist church both being built around 1860 and both using latticework.
Wakefield, ca 1860, Furman AL

It’s Steamboat Gothic style. And actually, what I’m calling a balcony is really a loggia because it’s enclosed on five sides (back, both sides, ceiling, floor).
Wakefield, ca 1860, Furman AL

What a pretty home.
Wakefield, ca 1860, Furman AL

A history of Wakefield is here, and the descendant of the owners has put up some Wakefield recipes: braised rabbit, larded venison roast, barbecue squirrel, pigeon pie, and more here.

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