Lights! Lights!

Are you driving around to look at all the holiday lights too? We are! There’s a chorus of “lights! lights!” from the two little boys riding in the back seat of our car every night now.

We know some people who decorate outside for Chanukah:

…we know the fine people who live here too!:

…and I really love the super-over-the-top decorations where the entire home and yard are just covered in lights:

When I was growing up in Cullman there was a house outside of town on Highway 69 that was so wonderful – there were zillions of lights in all the trees, all over the house (and if I remember right, there was a chicken house or warehouse in the back yard all covered in lights) – just *everywhere*. You would drive your car through the driveway on one side of their home and circle around back to the other side of the house where they had more, more, more and finally a dropbox for donations to cover the electric bill. It was set up so you could get out and walk through the yard to see all the vignettes they had of Poloron nativity scenes and a thousand other things (I remember piles of stuffed animals too).

The gentleman who put all this up every year did so because – I hope I’m remembering this 100% – his daughter was blind and he wanted everyone to remember the gift of sight. There can’t be a single child who grew up in Cullman during the decades he so generously did this that does not have fond memories of it.
This is a home in Huntsville, on Horseshoe Trail:

…and at the Huntsville Botanical Gardens they have a really fantastic light show that you drive through (it took us 40 minutes!). The admission is $15 and it’s worth every penny. Local families and businesses sponsor each scene. This Chanukah one was sponsored by the Denbo family that Av knows:

It’s Huntsville, so of course they had rockets in lights!

I keep really great light displays loaded on my Tom-Tom and put them on a Google Map I just made.

The link to it is here. Not everything is on there, but most. If you know of a really great display (the more retro or crazy the better) email me at ginger (((at))) deepfriedkudzu …dot… com and I’ll add it.

The B’ham News also published a list of lights, but the really great ones (the reader recommended ones) are not yet on their website – if you pick up a physical issue of the paper today (Wednesday) I think it is in section 5.

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