Gallery Hopping

This past Friday evening, Suzanne and I went to two show openings – the collage below is from the one at Artists Incorporated in Vestavia. The glass art on the left is by Deborah Ballog, in the middle is work by Frank Fleming (oh! he had some okra pods there and it took *everything* I had not to take one home), on the bottom right is pottery by Lowell Vann:

…then we were off to Bare Hands Gallery in downtown B’ham for the SHINE ’09 show, described as “The Alternative Tree is a tree-friendly holiday show of sculptural trees and branches to display your favorite ornaments and art with panache during the holidays or all year long!”.

See Santa, or Father Christmas, in the middle pic? After seeing his stockings and his can of Pabst Blue Ribbon on the table, I decided not to say whether I had been good or bad this year.

All the way to the right of the pic above are clay elf faces by Glenn House Sr.!! Love those goofy things, and everyone else did too. They had already sold a dozen by the time we left.

This is by Kevin Irwin, called ‘Moth to a Winter Flame’:

…and this is a great bottle tree by Robert Taylor:

There are a couple of other really great shows coming up – I’ll post them on Thursday!

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