Another Visit To The Amish Community In Ethridge, Tennessee

In late October, we took another visit to the Amish community in Ethridge, Tennessee.

I get so many emails from people asking what’s the best way to visit, and this is the answer:

Go directly to their homes. They aren’t open on Sundays but Saturdays are a great day to go. Those shops on the highway are (sorry, but…) tacky-tacky. And if you take a wagon ride from one of those stores into the Amish community, you will only be going to certain places, not any and all that you like.
The Amish people *expect* you to drive right up to their homes in your car. Oftentimes they have an outbuilding where they sell what they make, and other times they put everything out on their porch. Either way, they’ll come out when you drive up to see if you need help with anything. Just super-nice. And if you drive your own car, you see from each sign outside each home what appeals:

Just be careful about any livestock crossing the road.

Av helped herd a calf back into its field this last time:

We left with a giant $5 sack of sweet potatoes, homemade jellies, peanut brittle, and peanut butter cups, a quilt rack, and a $6 giant pumpkin (that one in the front, on the left) for my autumn display:

One of the women that I got the baby quilt from on our first visit said she would be making quilts again and have them ready in December. Can’t wait to go again!

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