This Weekend

There aren’t too many events scheduled this weekend – it’s a great time really just to go for a drive out in the country and enjoy the changing colors of the leaves – but there are two things in Alabama that should be good:

The Alabama Designer Craftsmen’s Fine Craft Classic is Saturday and Sunday at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. There will be about forty artists showing.
What’s really, really interesting is that Tuskegee is having a special weekend to show off the city and entice people to move there. Here are some pics from our last visit:
The Oaks‘ which was the home of Booker T. Washington. It’s run by the National Park Service.
I loved how they described the tour of homes they’re doing:

Our residents and business owners are opening their private spaces to extend hospitality to you at the highest levels. Come and see the rich and unique architecture within the walls of some of the most beautiful and engaging structures in the country. It will also give you a glimpse of how enjoyable our lifestyle is in Tuskegee and Macon County.

It all just sounds so gracious and welcoming. I’m really thinking about us going to this. Hmmm….

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