Russian Food Festival

We did go to the Russian Food Festival in Brookside last weekend. I couldn’t wait to see inside the church!

It was smaller inside than I expected (or was it just all the people crammed in?) but it was decorated top to bottom and side to side. Just beautiful.

One of the main reasons I wanted to go to the festival is that some of Av’s family came to the US from Russia, so we were going to explain how these foods may be similar to what their Papas and Mimis on daddy’s side had been eating for generations. We shared stuffed holupki (cabbage), baked piroshki (meat pie), halushki (dumplings), cucumber salad, and pigachi (cheese/potato bread):

The luncheon was held next door to the church in an assembly hall. There was also a room full of baked goods and a gift shop.

I think the next big food festival is the Oyster & Seafood Festival in Pensacola Nov. 20-22.

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