Nall and JJ

Last month, I visited with Matt Jones at his gallery in Birmingham. I had been wanting to come in for a long time, especially after seeing the giant Nall carpet he has hanging.

It really is a carpet. A rug, I mean.

What was really fantastic that Matt has at his gallery is this by JJ Gaudel. It’s his ‘Tomb of the Tin Man’:

It has scenes on it from the ‘Wizard of Oz’ book, and on his website, JJ says that he painted scenes on this that were largely glossed over in the movie. He says, “…such as the scene in the poppy fields… What do you think Dorothy was getting so sleepy over?” on his website. The tomb opens and Matt showed me that JJ has put a tin man inside of it.

This is another of JJ’s works, part of a collection he calls ‘Dummies with Souls’. I think this one is ‘Leda Maya de Santiago‘. That ‘Dummies’ series is fantastic.

These are pics of his paintings at the Renaissance Hotel in Montgomery, paintings that Nall consigned:

‘Black & White Buttons’ oil on canvas

and ‘French Riviera No. 4’ watercolor:

Besides sculpture and paintings, JJ (Jean-Jacques) also does graphite drawings, photography, and he’s building a sculpture/plane.

The way he has planned and decorated his home is *amazing* too.

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